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10 Best Employee Care Packages To Unbox Your Appreciation

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Best Employee Care Packages

Employees are the engine that makes the corporate machine go.

These past few years have made that obvious as we’ve watched the companies that treat employees right not only survive black swan events but in fact, thrive in spite of them. Because they show employee appreciation and recognize their employees for their hard work and accomplishments, the employees responded in kind by proactively looking for solutions.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” — Richard Branson

Gifts, experiences, and entire strategies exist for employee appreciation; however, one of the most effective, feel-good approaches is to give employee care packages.

A smartly curated employee care package has the potential to inspire, delight, and absolutely thrill your employees. The best part is that instead of receiving just one gift, it’s more like they’re getting an assortment so you can rest assured something will be exactly what they wanted.

So without further ado, check out the 10 best employee care packages to unbox your appreciation!


When is the best time to send a care package to your employees?

The truth is, there is no wrong time! Although, certain events do make the impact even greater. Always celebrate the big moments to generate the maximum amount of satisfaction!

1) New hire — When you bring a new employee to your organization, greet them in the most welcoming way with an employee care package. Additionally, be sure to accompany this gift with a note letting them know how excited you are to have them on board.

2) Work anniversaries — When an employee reaches any number of years of service, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Loyalty is extra special these days when employees have the latitude to employ their skills where they choose in this freelancing-friendly gig economy and a world full of flexible workplaces.

3) Employee birthdayEmployee birthdays are one of the most personal opportunities to provide recognition. Remembering a birthday is a simple thing, but it sure feels good when you get that shoutout.

4) Spontaneous appreciation — When an employee completes a major project, surprise them with a care package. On the other hand, you don’t even need a reason to show appreciation besides the fact that they’re a part of the team, so do give a care package spontaneously (similar to a spot bonus)

5) Holidays — Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, MLK Day; any day is a great day to give employees a care package, so the holidays are even better. To take it to another level, find a curation specially put together for that occasion.

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5 of the Best “Ingredients” for Employee Care Packages

1) Products from Women Founded Businesses

Scroll through hundreds of products from our fabulous Female-Founded brands. There’s something for everyone in this collection – from totes to toasts and a little of everything in between. Narrow down your shopping time by opting for the value-based $30 Recipient Choice reward and let your employee choose their own gift from over 100 items from Women-Founded brands.

What makes this corporate care package ingredient unique? Your employees can feel doubly good about finding something from this collection in their care package, knowing the components support groups that matter to them.

Why we love this employee care package component: Value-based gifts can offer a deeper level of giving, as they honor your employee’s values and support conscious brands and causes. 

Where to get it: Women Founded Collection


2) Recipient Choice Holiday / Non-Holiday Collections

Recipient Choice Collections are a fantastic way to create meaningful moments of care for the entire team. Select a collection based on budget or occasion (holiday or not!) and from there, they can browse the vast list of gift options and pick the one that screams “Pick me!” the loudest. 

What makes this corporate care package ingredient unique? Just because it’s simple for you to shop for doesn’t mean it has to be thoughtless! You CAN have it all!

Why we love this employee care package component: It’s a simple yet mindful addition to any holiday care package and allows your recipient to check something off their own wish list.

Where to get it: Recipient Choice Collection


3) Wellness Products

“Wellness” covers a lot of ground and fortunately, so does this collection. From soaps to snacks, and teas to… tees? Yep! They’ll find nighttime, wintertime, morning time, and anytime teas. Or for the golfers on your list… a bag of bamboo tees! Whatever “wellness” means to your employees, they’ll find something to indulge in from this collection.

What makes this corporate care package ingredient unique? Your employees can shop from a menu of products and decide for themselves what best supports their personal wellness journey.

Why we love this employee care package component: For a mere $20, you can help your employees find their zen and add value to their personal wellness routines.

Where to get it: $20 Wellness Collection Recipient Choice


4) Fold Laptop Stand

We all like things that are convenient and sometimes, convenience comes in the form of ergonomic gadgets. This portable and foldable laptop stand is great for on-the-go and angles the user’s equipment for improved posture and comfort while working. And it comes with its own case so it’s already wrapped up and ready to slide into your employee’s care package.

What makes this corporate care package ingredient unique? It’s so diverse! It’s great for any gender, any role, and any salary bracket, whether they’re working in the office, from home, or in a coffee shop across the country.

Why we love this employee care package component: It tucks so nicely into a corporate care package and makes working a little more comfortable and convenient for your employees.

Where to get it: Fold Laptop Stand


5) A Travel Gift Card

Travel is back at the top of the popularity ladder and the gift of a getaway could be just what your employee needs. This gift card can be loaded with as little as $5, all the way up to $500, and can be applied to lodging, flights, rental cars, and more. Even if they’re not already planning a trip, unwrapping this gift card in their employee care package could be the perfect inspiration for an exciting new adventure.

What makes this corporate care package ingredient unique? With a travel gift card, you can be part of making your employee’s dream of seeing [insert anything] finally come true.

Why we love this employee care package component: When planning a trip, every penny counts so taking even a piece of the load off your employee’s shoulders will certainly be appreciated.

Where to get it: Travel Digital Gift Card


People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Care Packages:

Q: What is an employee care package?

  • A: An employee care package is a care package specially curated for employees. They often feature productivity tools and other items that will make their life easier like gift cards, tumblers, Bluetooth speakers, holiday gifts, stickers, and t-shirts.

Q: When should I send an employee care package?

  • A: You can send an employee care package anytime; however, some of the most common times to send an employee care package include the employee’s birthday, traditional year-end gifting holidays, work anniversary, and Employee Appreciation Day.

Q: How much does a care package for my employees cost?

  • A: A care package for employees does not have an exact cost. It largely depends on what is included in the care package. Some care packages can cost as low as $30, while a luxury care package could cost thousands of dollars.

Q: Can you send corporate care packages to multiple locations?

  • A: Yes, you can send corporate care packages to multiple locations, but doing so often requires working with a company that is familiar with multi-address bulk orders so that they can handle your order logistically – like Caroo! A Caroo membership can tackle all the logistics and offer you free shipping on every gift you send. 

Q: Am I able to brand an employee care package with my logo?

  • A: Yes, you can brand an employee care package with your logo by working with companies that specialize in custom-branded swag and branded care packages.

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