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10 Best Employee Care Packages To Unbox Your Appreciation

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Best Employee Care Packages

Employees are the engine that makes the corporate machine go.

These past few years have made that obvious as we’ve watched the companies that treat employees right not only survive black swan events but in fact, thrive in spite of them. Because they show employee appreciation and recognize their employees for their hard work and accomplishments, the employees responded in kind by proactively looking for solutions.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” — Richard Branson

Gifts, experiences, and entire strategies exist for employee appreciation; however, one of the most effective, feel-good approaches is to give employee care packages.

A smartly-curated employee care package has the potential to inspire, delight, and absolutely thrill your employees. The best part is that instead of receiving just one gift, it’s more like they’re getting an assortment so you can rest assured something will be exactly what they wanted.

So without further ado, check out the 10 best employee care packages to unbox your appreciation!


When is the best time to send a care package to your employees?

The best time to send an employee care package is: ANYTIME!

However, certain occasions make the impact even greater. Always celebrate the big moments to generate the maximum amount of satisfaction!

1) New hire — When you bring a new employee to your organization, welcome them in the most welcoming way with an employee care package. Additionally, be sure to accompany this gift with a note letting them know how excited you are to have them on board.

2) Work anniversaries — When an employee reaches any number of years of service, it’s a big deal. Loyalty is extra special these days when employees have the latitude to employ their skills where they choose in this freelancing-friendly gig economy and a world full of flexible workplaces.

3) Employee birthdayEmployee birthdays are one of the most personal opportunities to provide recognition. Remembering a birthday is a simple thing, but it sure feels good when you get that shoutout.

4) Spontaneous appreciation — When an employee completes a major project, surprise them with a care package. On the other hand, you don’t even need a reason to show appreciation besides the fact that they’re a part of the team, so do give a care package spontaneously (similar to a spot bonus)

5) Holidays — Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, MLK Day; any day is a great day to give employees a care package, so the holidays are even better. To take it to another level, find a curation specially put together for that occasion.

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10 Best Employee Care Packages

1) Employee Appreciation Care Package

Employee Appreciation Care Package

The Employee Appreciation Care Package is a corporate gift box designed to maximize satisfaction, ease virtual and in-person commutes, and make life better for your employees. This employee-centric care package includes an insulated Miir water bottle for staying hydrated all throughout the day, a pair of Bluetooth headphones to listen to podcasts and whatever else they enjoy, and a collection of better-for-you snacks to remain energized and ready for action. Plus, all of these items are travel-friendly so your employees can bring them on business trips, work vacations, and more!

What makes this corporate care package unique? In addition to being able to custom brand the box, you can even customize the contents. While the initial products included are carefully thought out, if you have any tweaks, you’re more than welcome to take the customization to the next level.

Why we love this employee care package: This gift box covers all those far too often overlooked essentials. For instance, most employees are so busy that they scarcely have time to think about themselves — like remembering to stay hydrated. Other employees like working with controlled distractions like music, which is where the Bluetooth headphones are a real game changer!

Where to get it: Employee Appreciation Care Package


2) Work Anniversary Care Package


The Work Anniversary Care Package is your custom answer for the work equivalent of a corporate birthday. Celebrating work anniversaries is the ultimate affirmation to let employees know how happy you are that they’re still around. Plus, with the rise of Culture-As-A-Service solutions, celebrating employee milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries has never been easier!

What makes this corporate care package unique? Work anniversaries often go under the radar; however, we can all remember that brand new feeling of hope and opportunity that comes when we start a job. As an employer, remembering their work anniversary and years of service, tells them that you don’t take them for granted, you’re grateful for their effort, and you hope they remain for many more years to come. No other gift set conveys this messaging quite like the Work Anniversary Care Package.

Why we love this employee care package: It lets you celebrate your employees’ time with the company with luxe gifts like electronics, wine, and custom goods.

Where to get it: Work Anniversary Care Package


3) Healthy Snack Care Package

Snack Care Package

The Healthy Snack Care Package is an aptly named food care package chock full of delicious, nutritious work-day-ready chips, bars, sweets, jerky, and other treats. This corporate snack box can be delivered right to your employees’ doorsteps or your office. With premium brands like Bare coconut chips, Kind crunch bars, Karma, Country Archer beef sticks, CaveMan paleo protein bars, Popcorners chips, and much more, your employees will have an equally premium snacking experience.

What makes this corporate care package unique? Some people eat for pleasure, others eat for nutrition. Who says you can’t do both? That’s the dilemma the Healthy Snack Care Package solves.

Why we love this employee care package: This employee care package balances flavors and blood sugar alike, while also doing an incredible amount of good in the world. Every box delivered helps Feeding America secure meals for the less fortunate.

Where to get it: Healthy Snack Care Package


4) Employee Birthday Care Package


Employee birthdays are a big deal, and yet, employee birthdays pass by without employers noticing far too often. But where other companies come up short, is your opportunity to be one of the good ones.

What makes this corporate care package unique? The Employee Birthday Care Package is a custom curated care package designed to suit whatever needs and desires your employees have. Do they like a certain kind of snack? Say no more! This care package has them — and you covered.

Why we love this employee care package: This birthday box is an extra special, extra festive twist on your usual birthday gift. You can show your employees they’re on your mind with personalized notes, customizable gifts, and branded swag.

Where to get it: Employee Birthday Care Package


5) Premium Swaps Care Package


Do-it-yourself is trending everywhere these days because there’s just something about getting hands-on that people enjoy. The Premium Swaps Care Package takes that up a notch by letting employees pick and choose their own care package item by item.

What makes this corporate care package unique? Premium Swaps is more than a care package — it’s a strategy. Giving employees the ability to swap out and self-curate their care package literally guarantees they’ll like its contents.

Why we love this employee care package: High-quality electronics, productivity tools, drinkware, snacks, wine — you name, they can swap for it.

Where to get it: Premium Swaps Care Package


6) Sips & Snacks Care Package

Sips + Snacks Box

The Sips & Snacks Care Package is the hydrating, craving satisfying care package built around employee needs. With 10 charcuterie-inspired snacks and their choice of red or white wine, employees will be able to kick back, relax, and even entertain guests if they choose.

What makes this corporate care package unique? It’s essentially happiness in a box, with nutritious snacks like banana bites, brownie brittle, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, and wine worthy of being paired with the finest cuisine.

Why we love this employee care package: This perfectly balanced curation of sophisticated drinks and fine dining in a box, will delight your employees. Plus, they can share it with friends and family if they choose, considering that there’s plenty of flavor for everyone. Sips & Snacks is ideal for both in-person and remote employees.

Where to get it: Sips & Snacks Care Package


7) New Hire Welcome Care Package

New Hire Welcome Care Package

The New Hire Welcome Care Package is perfect for onboarding those new hires and making them feel how excited your team is to have them join your company. Select or design a curation for your rockstar brand new hires!

What makes this corporate care package unique? Being a new hire is a milestone in and of itself. Save the onboarding date, and add or remove employees at any time so your onboarding gifts are essentially automated!

Why we love this employee care package: This new hire welcome kit is the perfect gift for new employees because you can design your own gifts with company branding, personalized swag, and more.

Where to get it: New Hire Welcome Care Package


8) Amplify Care Package

The Amplify Care Package is designed to amplify the fun in your employees’ lives. With products from emerging Black-founded, women-founded, and people-of-color-founded brands, you can do good for your employees and the world at the same time.

What makes this corporate care package unique? This corporate care package sets the stage for employee success and well-being. And you can send boxes to multiple addresses!

Why we love this employee care package: Features a dozen better-for-you snacks, a scented candle, a paper-lined notebook, medium roast whole bean coffee, and custom branding so you can give it in company style!

Where to get it: Amplify Care Package


9) Work From Home Care Package

The Work From Home Care Package comes full of office supplies and all the gizmos, gadgets, and touches a home office needs to feel like the perfect mix of home and an office. Need a bit of greenery in the home office? No problem. Think they might enjoy a midday pick-me-up? It comes with energizing snacks for that!

What makes this corporate care package unique? This WFH care package is also ideal for the work from anywhere crowd. Employees will feel a little more at home wherever they are with this unique, eco-friendly corporate care package.

Why we love this employee care package: This employee gift box includes office supplies, company swag, and a fake succulent. Just the kinds of things you need to spruce up your workspace at home!

Where to get it: Work From Home Care Package


10) Snack & Coffee Care Package


The Snack & Coffee Care Package is the perfect employee care package for coffee lovers and snack munchers, with the highest quality snacks and finest coffee you’ll find on this side of the world wide web. This energy-boosting kit keeps your employees ready to seize the day. Cheers to them and a little carpe diem!

What makes this corporate care package unique? This corporate care package is uniquely flavorful with 12 nutritious and equally delicious snacks and Palindrome’s blend of African and Colombian coffee beans. In fact, this globally sourced coffee blend is grown in some of the richest soil on Earth!

Why we love this employee care package: Infused with rich caramel and chocolate flavors, the coffee will also infuse your employees’ days with joy and a jolt of energy. Couple that with a mix of better-for-you snacks and you’ll see why this corporate care package is an employee favorite.

Where to get it: Snack & Coffee Care Package

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Care Packages

Q: What is an employee care package?

  • A: An employee care package is a care package specially curated for employees. This often means that the gift box will feature productivity tools and other items that will make their life easier like gift cards, tumblers, face masks, Bluetooth speakers, holiday gifts, stickers, and t-shirts.

Q: When should I send an employee care package?

  • A: You can send an employee care package anytime; however, some of the most common times to send an employee care package include the employee’s birthday, work anniversary, and Employee Appreciation Day.

Q: How much does a care package for my employees cost?

  • A: A care package for employees does not have an exact cost. It largely depends on what is included in the care package. Some care packages can cost as low as $30, while a luxury care package could cost thousands of dollars.

Q: Can you send corporate care packages to multiple locations?

  • A: Yes, you can send corporate care packages to multiple locations, but doing so often requires working with a company that is familiar with multi-address bulk orders so that they can handle your order logistically.

Q: Am I able to brand an employee care package with my logo?

  • A: Yes, you can brand an employee care package with your logo by working with companies that specialize in custom branded swag and branded care packages.
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