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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything. We’re here to help.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we have many options that can ship to employees internationally. Gift cards are also a great option for international recipients.

How do I send something to just one employee?

Simply choose one recipient from your contacts or add new contacts easily and send something meaningful for any occasion within a few clicks. You can even include a CareCard, gift card or digital gift message.

How do I send recognition to my whole team or organization at once?

Simply select more than one recipient from your contacts or upload a csv with your entire team and send almost anything to the entire group at once. Or better yet, allow them to choose their gift on budget with our Recipient Choice feature. Perfect for holiday gifts or team appreciation!

Can I ask my whole team to fill out a recognition personality assessment and share it with me?

Yes! This is what our platform is built to do. Sharing profiles is the best way to not only appreciate employees but to have meaningful conversation that will drive real connection within your teams. It will also ensure no more money is wasted recognizing employees in ways that don’t matter to them.

What happens if I don’t have (or want to share) home addresses for my employees?

We can collect addresses directly from employees in the rewards fulfillment process and store them securely and privately in case you want to place future orders. Just place an order with the employees email address only and we will do the rest.

What happens if my employee doesn’t enter their home address in time?

Don’t worry, recipients who don’t add their address within the window you have chosen will still receive credit for a gift card or digital experience directly to their inbox.

Can I use Caroo to gift to my friends and family?

Caroo is specifically built for enterprise clients, but we have many people using it to keep track of moments of care for friends and family members too.

Can I automate gifts for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.?

Yes, you can setup automated recognition campaigns where you upload a roster of people with their special dates that will automatically send an experience of your choice on the day. You can also setup a collaborative group eCard so that the entire team can participate.

How can I make sure my new hires have the best experience?

The simple act of asking a new employee to fill out a profile tracking their care preferences is a magical experience because it shows you intend to care for them deeply. Adding a group eCard from the team or a gift card for coffee or lunch on their first day will ensure they feel extra welcomed to the team.

Can I allow my recipient to choose their own gift?

Yes! In fact, RecipientChoice is our most popular experience because it allows you to stay on budget and ensure that your employees each get something that is personally meaningful. Our marketplace has a fantastic selection of curated items that every team will love.

What happens if my recipient doesn’t want to receive a gift?

Employees can opt to donate the money to a charity of their choosing instead of receiving a gift.

Does Caroo cost money?

Caroo is free…the only thing you pay for is the cost of a gift/reward. You can sign up, discover and share your recognition personality/preferences and gift anything on the platform without paying a membership fee. Membership options are also available for teams and enterprises that want a more customized or scalable experience.