Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Caroo?

Starting at just $24.95 per recipient, we work with small businesses all the way up to the Fortune 500 to surprise and delight their employees and clients. Our wide variety of programs ensure the perfect fit for every team and customer, including the ability to fully customize your curations. To better understand pricing, explore our Pricing Page to learn more about pre-curated and full customization options.

What is “Member” Pricing?

Member Pricing is our easy-to-use, subscription-based pricing that helps you consistently care for your team while enjoying added savings with special Member premiums.  Enjoy significantly reduced pricing when you agree to send 4 or more moments of care within a 12-month period and finally take coordinating care off your to-do list. Talk to a Caroo expert to get details at

What types of curation themes does Caroo provide?

Our curation experts have years of experience building unique, thoughtful and highly-designed experiences. Whether you choose a curation with delicious snacks, premium goods, custom branding or all of the above, we guarantee a thematic experience your team will love. 

Don’t see a pre-built curation to your liking? Invite your team to alter their curation with Swaps, or build a completely custom experience with the help of our Concierge team. 

What types of products are in a Caroo curation?

If you can dream it, we can deliver it! Here’s just a few of the products you can find in our pre-curated solutions: 

  • Delicious healthier snacks (chips, crackers, nutrition bars, jerky, sweets, and more)
  • Productivity tools (notebooks, planners, pens)
  • Premium drinkware (mugs, wine tumblers, canteens) 
  • Lifestyle goods (candles, games & activities, cocktail kits)
  • Artisanal drinks (curated wines, premium coffee) 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our Concierge team will help you build your dream curation with  branded swag, premium electronics, and more for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

What types of team activities are included?

We’re passionate about keeping your team connected and engaged. That’s why we include team activities in most curations that inspire laughter, conversation, and thoughtful team-building like Wellness Bingo, Happy Hour Icebreakers, and more.

Can I make changes to the items in my Caroo care packages before they ship?

We know that everyone has unique preferences. That’s why we give your recipients the option to personalize their Caroo experience. With Swaps, your recipients can see what’s coming and swap options for ones that match their dietary preferences and unique tastes. 

Want to give your team a fully custom experience? Our Concierge Team will do all the work to build and deliver your dream curation, complete with premium swag, top-of-the-line electronics, and more.

What if my recipients have dietary restrictions?

It’s important to us that every member of your team can enjoy their Caroo experience. With the Swaps add-on, your employees can see what’s coming in their curation ahead of time and swap options for ones that match their dietary restrictions and unique tastes. 

No Swaps? No problem. When you delight your employees with our pre-curated Nourish collection, they’ll receive an email inviting them to choose a Vegetarian, Gluten-free and Nut-free version of their pre-curated selection.

Does Caroo ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Shipping is free across the Continental United States (lower 48 states) and starts at $18 for Canada and Great Britain. Speak with a Caroo expert to learn more.

When will my care packages ship?

Once all your recipients have confirmed their shipping addresses, orders typically leave our fulfillment center within 2 business days. Your Care Consultant will work with you to help ensure your shipment timing aligns with your needs!

How do I send Caroo to all of my recipients?

Our proprietary technology makes it easy to send Caroo anywhere, whether you’re sending to 10 or 100,000 recipients. Your recipients receive automated email alerts inviting them to submit (or confirm) their shipping address prior to the delivery deadline.

What if a recipient doesn’t claim their Caroo care package?

You will only be billed for the number of Caroo care packages claimed by your recipients at the time of the delivery deadline.

How can my team track their Caroo delivery?

When your Caroo care packages ship, the recipients will receive a tracking number through the email address associated with their order.

Who delivers Caroo each month?

All Caroo care packages are shipped via FedEx.

What is Palindrome Coffee Co.? Where is it sourced?

Caroo is proud to exclusively offer Palindrome Coffee Co., an artisanal, direct-trade line of third-wave coffee blends sourced from regions of Colombia and Africa. Our exclusive partnerships with Palindrome’s coffee roasters ensure the best price for high-quality, specialty coffee.

I don’t see my question here, can someone assist me?

Absolutely! You can always reach out to us with questions via our Contact Us page.