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Top 5 Corporate Holiday Gifting Upgrades [New 2023]

By October 10, 2023November 29th, 2023No Comments

Ditch The Swag in 2023 And Wow Your Workforce With These 5 Corporate Holiday Gifting Upgrades.

When was the last time you took a hard look at your corporate holiday gifting strategy? One of the easiest ways to lose your employees’ loyalty and motivation is by giving them standardized company swag as holiday gifts. 

Do employees really feel appreciated and empowered by bulk-ordered water bottles and pre-packaged charcuterie boards? Ummm… not likely.

Let’s just cut to the chase – it’s not just the thought that counts when it comes to employee holiday gifts. 

Two Dogs on a Purple Background

As a Manager or HR professional, you have an entire pool of employees relying on you for resources and a wide range of information on a daily basis. The organizational chart and your salary range may say that you’re at the top of the company food chain, but here’s the grossly underrated truth:

Your employees actually run the show.

That’s right! Your people are the actual power source, and most importantly, they are the company culture.

Many times, Leadership leans on the same-ole swag options because they simply don’t know what their employees actually want, and finding out seems like a daunting task. We’re here to tell you that is not the case.

Step #1 – Send a company-wide email with a link to Caroo’s RecognitionDNA assessment. It’ll take your employees less than five whole minutes and you can knock that “daunting task” off your to-do list with a single email. 

Step #2 – Now that you know what they like, give it to them!

If you’re still gift-wrapping company swag as holiday gifts for your employees, you’re definitely going to want to grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and tune in to this PSA. Break away from the status quo of tired swag and get personal with some of these unique corporate holiday gift ideas (that won’t end up in the trash).

1) Feel Goods

image of a wellness kit

Health and wellness gifts are so much more than just fancy candles and spa days (although, these are great ideas too). These mindful products are intended to deliver a little peace and tranquility and Caroo offers quite a variety of options to choose from that are perfect for your corporate holiday gifts this year. Who wouldn’t love getting a rechargeable massage gun, some eucalyptus massage spray oil, or a classy set of whiskey stones instead of a new company polo shirt?

Why do feel-good gifts beat company swag?

Does this question really need answering? How can you compare opening all-natural wellness products that smell amazing and feel incredible on your skin as a holiday gift vs. unwrapping a shiny “new” insulated coffee mug sporting your company’s logo? We’ll wait for you to find the right words to adequately describe your profound feelings of joy and appreciation…

2) Go NUTS!

a selection of snacking nuts

People take their nuts seriously! Fortunately, Caroo does too. Spicy, crated, candied, coffee’d, or pickled, the flavor options for nuts are… well… nuts! You’ll find variety packs, gourmet bundles, and dried fruit pairings to please all the sweet and/or savory nut lovers on your team. 

Why do fancy nuts beat company swag?

Health benefits aside, these aren’t your average grocery store nuts! The snackers on your teams will undoubtedly love some bougie snacks in their stockings this year instead of a screen-printed can koozie.

3) Get ‘Em Groomed

beard oil for men

According to CNN, “Men’s grooming is booming!” And Caroo is in full support of this masculine grooming uprising! With a full line of personal grooming products, including exfoliating soaps, handmade beard oil, and The Shavior shaving treatment, your employees will be psyched to try these quality products on their prized mutton chops. And these corporate holiday gifts are FAR less likely to end up at the bottom of a box in the basement with last year’s swag gifts.

Why do personal grooming products beat company swag?

There are plenty of options to please everyone on the payroll. Not only do these products scream “personalized,” but they’re also a fun opportunity for your employees to find their new favorite high-end grooming products and have the Greatest Pits in the office.

4) Get “Petty”

image of dog with dog toys

Forbes tells us that 66% of American homes have pets in them, which means some of your employees are pet lovers too. Corporate holiday gifts like a laser cat toy, a variety pack of dog treats, and a year’s supply of cat treats, cater to your pet lovers and what’s important to them. These types of corporate holiday gifts show employees that you’re invested in their personal interests and you care about the things they care about most.

Why do pet gifts beat company swag?

Pet gifts are practically guaranteed to be appreciated and used. Many people really pamper their pets so receiving a corporate holiday gift that shows a little love to the four-leggers in their lives touches an extra special place in their hearts.

5) Recipient’s Choice

recipient choice

Recipient’s Choice is THE answer to never getting it wrong. You set the amount – maybe even select a value-based cause to support – and your employee gets to choose what they want from a carefully curated list of very un-swaggish items. 

Set your employees up with a spending account anywhere from $15 to $200 for a personalized shopping spree, with or without a theme. Love a good themed gift? Choose from Women, Latinx, or Black-Founded businesses, or opt for a happy hour or fall collection vibe for this year’s corporate holiday gifts.

Why does Recipient’s Choice beat company swag?

It doesn’t get any more personal than choosing their own corporate holiday gift. Your employees will be able to shop from a wide variety of products so they’re sure to select what’s most valuable to them. 

Are you ready for this 2023 Holiday Season?

View 2023 Holiday Guide

You don’t have to look far to see the workforce has grown weary of the tired swag they’ve been receiving from their employers. Even Reddit has ongoing threads discussing it: 

“Plastic travel cups, polyester T-shirts, crappy gadgets… It’s so wasteful. Now even most metropolitan thrift stores are filled with unused swag.

Is there any hope of this corporate practice stopping?”

The answer is YES! 

There IS hope and Caroo is the perfect platform to help you start moving the needle.

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Holiday Gifting:

Q: Why should employers develop a thoughtful corporate holiday gifting program?

A: Employers should develop a thoughtful corporate gifting program because their employees matter. Period. Impersonal, ineffective swag doesn’t exactly send that message or connect with your employees on any kind of personal level so the employees don’t feel connected to the company.

Q: Can our corporate holiday gifts support our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion core values?

A: Your corporate holiday gifts can absolutely support your company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion core values! Caroo offers an entire value-based menu of corporate holiday gifts that reinforce your company’s core values directly with your employees. Whether your focus is on ethically sourced materials or supporting cultural-specific companies, if you “talk the talk,” Caroo makes it easy to “walk the walk.” 

Q: What types of corporate holiday gift alternatives are more memorable than company swag?

A: Some corporate holiday gift alternatives that are more memorable than company swag are a Hot Pot Starter Set, a Simple Pottery Kit, or some posh new stemware. When you give your employees corporate holiday gifts they’ll actually use and can make memories with, those gifts have a personal impact on the recipients far beyond a branded hoodie.

Want to learn more about Caroo?

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