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RecognitionDNA by Caroo

Personality Types

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the Collaborator

You feel that “two heads are better than one,” and you value the time that others put into working with you.

the Companion

You are someone that others can count on to bring people together.

the Helper

Your strength lies in your ability to seamlessly share the load when it comes to projects.

the Uplifter

You prioritize being a team player, and you believe that a good team mentality transcends your projects.

the Commemorator

You thrive on meeting deadlines, and you usually work to exceed expectations on your projects.

the Giver

You feel cared for when you receive a gift that shows they got it with you in mind.

the Affirmer

You do your best work when you know that you are going in the right direction on your projects.

the Encourager

Relationships mean a lot to you, and it makes you feel like an important part of your team.

the Motivator

You value open and consistent communication that helps you reflect on your tasks.

the Friend

You thrive when you can show up at work as your best self.

the Advocate

You appreciate when others reward you with greater autonomy and put you forward to lead new endeavors.

the Coach

You base your actions on your analysis of the situation in front of you and the people surrounding it.

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