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Holiday Gifting

Want To Nail Your Company Holiday Gifts At Work This Year? Here Are 12 Gift Ideas To Magnify Your Workplace Merriment

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Choosing the perfect company holiday gifts for your employees and colleagues can be a struggle, especially if you’re not into spending a weekend driving to 27 different stores to make sure everyone gets something that’s personal to them. That’s why we wanted to make a list of the best company holiday gift ideas for your whole team.

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Good news! Put the car keys down, slide your sweatpants back on, and get ready to be the topic of the good office gossip this holiday season! 

It’s harder than you may think to find someone who hasn’t gotten a dud gift at some point in their working career. In fact, according to Fox Business, over 80% of American employees surveyed (pre-pandemic) said they’ve had a less-than-merry gifting experience at work.

Trust us… you don’t want to be the winner of the “crappiest work gift” award this year. Oh yes… there’s an award.  If you’re ready to make this gifting season extra special for everyone on the payroll, save your gas and avoid the shopping lines with these 12 perfectly personal (yet totally work-appropriate) company holiday gift ideas.

1. Recipient Choice

Over 1,000 American employees were asked if they’d prefer to select their own gifts or receive gifts chosen by their employers. Over ¾ of them said they’d rather pick their own. And Caroo said… “Challenge accepted!” Recipient Choice offers your employees so many gift options and they can choose to support minority-owned companies like black-founded or women-founded businesses. It also offers you flexibility in your company budget, with carefully curated $40, $65, and $90 holiday bundles.

Why this is great for your employee gift list: What’s better than giving your employees the option to choose their own gift? It ensures they get something that’s personal to them (no duds) and also allows them to support small businesses or diverse-founded brands.

*Pro Tip: Make it even better for the company with a membership plan! Members get beaucoup extras like free shipping and premium support on all their orders, on top of unlimited eCards, gifting automations, and other invaluable extras all year long.

2. Bright Pottery Kit

Sculpd has packaged everything your ceramically creative employees could need to create a fun and unique… well… anything! You actually have two different color themes to choose from – one with bold and bright shades, and another with all pastel hues. This way, you can personalize the theme for each of the employees receiving this artistic holiday gift.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Whether your employee roster is full of administrative professionals, janitors, high-powered CEOs, or fast food workers, you inevitably have a few talented creatives on your team. Feeding their personal talents shows that you’re supportive of their unique passions outside of work.

3. Whiskey Rocks Set 

What a brilliant way to offer whiskey (literally) on the rocks and neat, all in one glass! Your employee can enjoy a perfectly chilled libation but without the watered-down effect of actual ice. They don’t have to be a whiskey connoisseur to appreciate a high-quality drink gift set.

This one of Caroo’s best selling company holiday gift ideas.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: The sheer elegance of this set will leave your liquor-loving employees swirling in sophistication and satisfaction. 

4. Merry Chocolate

Let’s face it… chocolate is a universal language. And paired with a “Merry Everything” holiday card, it makes a deliciously decadent employee stocking stuffer. Be sure to pen a handwritten note inside the card to make it extra personal. 

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Say it with sweets! We all know about the healthy antioxidants and other properties of the dark variety but chocolate is also the perfect morning/mid-day/afternoon/anytime pick-me-up. 

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5. Christmas Bath & Body Set

Eucalyptus and peppermint lead the pack in this full-body gift box bursting with soaps, salts, creams, and bombs. Not only is it jam-packed with all-natural, aromatic body products, but it also includes some decadent Ghirardelli hot cocoa and peppermint candies to complete a luxurious pampering session.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: The holidays can be downright stressful. This gift set gives your employee a little something to enjoy for their mind, their body, and their soul.

6. Rechargeable Massage Gun

Once only used by celebrity trainers or professional athletes, these handheld pulsating godsends have now taken the personal wellness industry by storm. Great for the gym, the office, at home, or in planes, trains, and automobiles. It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and has multiple attachments so they can hone in on that annoying spot that’s been killing them all day. 

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Consumers spent over $3.25 million on massage guns in 2022 and the trend shows no signs of slowing. That means that a personal massage – anywhere, anytime – is still on many-a-lists this holiday season.

7. Cold Brew Coffee maker

Cold brew coffee lovers understand one thing – patience. Unlocking all the flavors of their favorite beans isn’t a quick process and a batch of cold brew takes time (12-24 hours, actually). This carafe from Ovalware is thoughtfully designed to fit into your employees’ fridge for safe brewing while they wait. 

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Not just for coffee! This cold brew maker is also perfect for iced and hot teas as well.

8. St. Nick’s Pick

Tulips aren’t the typical holiday flower, which is what makes this bouquet-o-buds so unique. Over a dozen budding flowers entwined with fir and cedar sprigs turn springtime tulips into a beautiful and fragrant bouquet of holiday cheer. 

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Flowers never go out of style. This is the perfect workplace holiday gift for those employees who really appreciate the aromas of the holiday season.

9. Bonnie and Pop Seasons Sweeting

Say “Seasoned Greetings” with a Seasoned Sweetings tin, bursting with meltaways, snappers, patties, and clusters of all shapes and sizes. This cocoa collection has a little something for all varieties of chocolate lovers – simple squares, smothered pretzels, peanut butter, sea salt, peppermint, and other nuggets of pure holiday chocolate delight.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Because… chocolate! And caramel, and toffee, and almonds, and espresso, and double-dark… you get the picture.

10. Gold rim diamond glasses

Everything about these glasses screams “luxury” and makes us want to stick our pinky out!  “Gold rim.” “Diamond shaped.” “High-quality crystal.” Ooh la la! Great for weekday dinners, Sunday brunches, or fancy date nights.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: Perfect for all your employee’s holiday beverages, from water all the way to wine. 

11. Electric wine bottle opener

Speaking of wine… this rechargeable, electric wine-opener is a kitchen staple for your pro-pinot people. That’s right – rechargeable, not battery-powered – so you never run out of juice (pun intended). The fact that it’s also stylish, powerful, and ergonomic is just a bonus. 

Why this should be on your employee gift list: This employee holiday gift idea combines durability, function, and style with wine. That’s a win on every level! 

12. Peppermint Caramels

Two of the most popular flavors of the season blended into one smooth and sweet holiday treat. These caramels aren’t just peppermint flavored. They’re made with actual peppermint oil, which holds its own bag of healthy benefits like digestive relief and brain-boosting properties.

Why this should be on your employee gift list: These velvety caramels are a simple way to say “Happy Holidays” without maxing their calorie count. 

With any of these 12 gift options, you’ll not only ace your holiday gifting at work but also resonate more personally with your employees. But obviously, feel free to shop around Caroo’s holiday gift section (from the comfort of your couch) for tons of other great products to make the season merry. 

But now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at some pretty awesome company holiday gift ideas, how do you actually pair the right gift with each employee? The real secret to nailing your holiday gifting at work is finding the answer to one simple question.

What do they want?


Again, Caroo accepted this challenge and – yep, you guessed it – created a solution. Our RecognitionDNA assessment asks targeted questions to clearly identify each of your employees’ preferred types of recognition. You can send it out in a quick email blast and let us take it from there. Oh… and did we mention it’s free?

This information is perfect for planning holiday gifts, milestone awards, acknowledging major accomplishments, and any other form of employee recognition your company is dishing out. 

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out Caroo’s membership options! Once you’ve decoded your employees’ RecognitionDNA, our membership services can track, automate, and simplify all your corporate gifting occasions, all year long. Happy holidays to you!

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