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Want to Sleigh the 2023 Gifting Season? These Dashing Last-Minute Corporate Holiday Gifts are Sure to Dazzle

By November 29, 2023January 18th, 2024No Comments
‘Tis the season to be giving! But we get it – life happens, and sometimes those last minute company holiday gifts are left unchecked on the to-do list until the last minute. And by “last minute” we mean that moment when you realize that “today” is in the same month as most of the end-of-year gifting holidays. Yikes! 

Sure, we see the annual commercials reminding us that UPS, FedEx, and USPS get overwhelmed during this time of year causing delivery delays, so “be sure to plan accordingly” they say. But sometimes, “planning accordingly” gets lost in the shuffle of emails, meetings, families, and daily responsibilities of running a successful business. 

This is when you find yourself:

  • buying thoughtless bulk gifts just to have something to give your employees
  • running all over town in a mad dash looking for something for everyone (a near-impossible task)
  • crossing your fingers and hoping the mailman comes through for you (warning – may cause excess holiday anxiety and ill feelings towards your otherwise wonderful mailman/woman!)

Who needs that kinda stress?

Caroo has the solution you’ve been looking for to maximize your time, money, and impact so don’t let the ticking holiday clock dampen your festive spirit! We’ve got your back with a sleigh full of sparkle to time your corporate gifting game perfectly. So, take a deep breath, dive into these dashing ideas, and watch as your last-minute corporate holiday gifts become the highlight of the season.

Are you ready for this 2023 Holiday Season?

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Deck The… Deadlines?

Forget about managing and monitoring all the various shipping options and “order-by” deadlines. And definitely don’t pay extra for “rush delivery” that often questions the very definition of the word “rush.” 

All you need to remember is one simple date – December 8th. 

If you place your (almost!) last minute company holiday gifts orders by December 8, 2023, you can sit back and relax, knowing your employees won’t be disappointed (by the gifts themselves or by a late delivery). As for the cost of shipping all these festive corporate holiday gifts, a Caroo membership makes that a very budget-friendly $0. That’s right! You’ll get exclusive membership pricing and FREE SHIPPING – every day, all year long!

In the tone of the dearly departed Matthew Perry as our beloved Chandler Bing, could it BE any easier to get great holiday gifts for your employees on time?

And for those of you who like to live dangerously and push your deadlines to the very last minute (or beyond), we have a holiday gifting life raft for you too. 

Enter… digital gift cards!

These gems can be personalized with a message from you and delivered right to your employee’s inbox, so delivery delays are never a problem. Choose a theme and order e-gift cards for the things your employees love the most like food delivery, coffee, or travel. No theme? No problem! Just choose an amount (from $5 to $500) and send them a Recipient Choice digital gift card. Your employees can spend their holiday funds at any of the major brands available like Amazon, DoorDash, Target, and Home Depot.

And here’s where a Caroo membership can really make a difference (aside from all the great products, pricing, and free shipping you already get). 

We do all the work!

Our membership subscription isn’t just active over the holidays. We’re here for you year-round, which means we’ve got all your milestones covered. Work anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, retirements, onboarding, and so on. 

Your employees deserve to be recognized and rewarded all year long and Caroo is here for it. We can collect all your employees’ home and email addresses, monitor their milestones, send you reminders, and handle all the necessary shipping. 

Seriously… could it be any easier?

Actually… yes! 

Holiday Collections

To make your gift carding efforts extra festive (and let’s be honest… simple), Caroo offers a few “pre-packaged” holiday options. You can choose from 3 different amounts and your employees can shop the hundreds of products from that specific collection.

Don’t worry, we’ve broken them down for you.

$40 – Presents with Presence

The $40 Holiday Collection offers thoughtful items like fragrant candles, sweet and/or salty snacks, fancy glassware, grilling gear, and comforting teas and cocoas. This collection delivers a ton of merry and mindful products to ensure your employees’ corporate holiday gift is meaningful to them.

$65 – Fa-La-La-La-Level On Up

Upgrading to the $65 Holiday Collection gives your employees a whole new level of carefully and consciously curated items to shop from. Here they’ll find classy whiskey glasses, stones, and other accessories, rugged gym and tech gear, and some holly-jolly holiday socks, just to name a few.

$90 – Gift-Wrapped Elegance

Ooh-La-La! This is the crème de la crème of Caroo’s Holiday Collections, offering products like a variety of wireless chargers, leather travel accessories, holiday floral bouquets, and gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and cocktails (or mocktails). There’s nothing your employees won’t love about this high-end Holiday Collection.

The Gift of Giving Back

If you needed another sign that Caroo is the go-to platform for all-things employee recognition (including last minute company holiday gifts), you got it. 70% of our products are sourced from minority-owned and operated brands, so a ton of the purchases made support diverse small businesses.

We also give your employees the option to get real specific with their support by clustering the value-based brands like our BlackWomen, and Latinx-Founded Collections. If it’s important to you and your employees, it’s important to Caroo.

All that and we’re philanthropic? Say it ain’t so!!

Caroo is invested in creating a better environment both inside and outside the confines of the corporate world and the office space. Over the years, we’ve partnered with some powerful and purpose-driven organizations to make a collective difference – not just for you and your employees, but for communities around the world.

With a clear focus on fighting hunger, preserving the environment, and supporting social justice, we’ve successfully donated over 20 million meals, protected almost 5 million acres of forests, and donated to dozens of socially conscious charities.

Just think about that for a second. Each time you send an employee a $10 Recipient Choice gift card, a percentage of their purchase could benefit a family thousands of miles away. Your single purchase offers double the benefit!

Remember, the spirit of holiday gifting lies in the thought behind the gift. But timing matters. With these last-minute ideas, you can still sleigh the gifting season and leave a lasting impression on your entire corporate circle. After all, it’s certainly about the joy and appreciation your gifts bring, but getting them to your people on time is a big part of that lasting impression. Make sure it’s a good one.

Happy holiday gifting from the Caroo Team.

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