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Caroo Press Release – 2023

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Caroo launches science-backed personality assessment (RecognitionDNA) with 100% focus on transforming employee appreciation

San Francisco, CA – Caroo, a leading provider of employee recognition solutions, today announced its full commitment to transforming employee recognition across industries. With a vision to create a world where every employee experiences deep connection at work, Caroo has provided care to over a million employees and has gained invaluable insights into the right way to care for employees. As experts in the field, Caroo is now launching RecognitionDNA to make it easier for organizations to show genuine appreciation for their employees.

“At Caroo, we believe that every employee deserves to be acknowledged for their impact, and recognition is most meaningful when it’s tailored to the individual,” said Caroo CEO and co-founder Chelsie Rae Lee. “Our new set of features, including our RecognitionDNA assessment, will help organizations understand their employees deeply and take action in ways that are actually meaningful.”

RecognitionDNA is a behavioral science-backed recognition personality assessment, that helps people understand their most meaningful form of recognition, their personal blind spots in giving recognition, as well as particular orientations towards Relationship and Achievement based communications with peers. There are twelve primary types, and at the end of the assessment (which takes under 5 mins), you’ll receive a Primary and a Secondary Type.

Caroo’s new RecognitionDNA features include the personality assessments that get to the heart of how people want to be recognized, and give managers the tools to speak that language with them. Additionally, Caroo is introducing preferences tracking and recipient choice rewards, which ensure that employees are receiving rewards that are meaningful to them. This feature alone can help organizations save billions of dollars wasted each year on giving rewards that don’t matter.

The ability to share profiles with others is another new feature, which facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration and promotes a culture of recognition everywhere in an organization. Combine this with a robust marketplace of rewards for every occasion, including curated gifts from hundreds of handpicked merchants (most diverse founded) at every price point, gift cards, group ecards, happy hour experiences, food delivery, and more. With these new tools, Caroo is empowering organizations to create a culture of recognition that celebrates every employee.

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“We are proud of what we’ve built for the thousands of companies who already use Caroo and that’s why we’ve included our team’s signatures above, to show that Caroo is made authentically by people, for people. “

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Employee recognition for real human connection. We envision a future where people experience deep connection at work.

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